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Alastar Connor



Star started her marketing career in the hospitality industry before shifting to small business marketing for the last 15 years. She specializes in organic marketing strategy, social media marketing, and coaching entrepreneurs to handle their own marketing with confidence and successful results.

  • Increased sales at Retail Shop by 40%.

  • Achieved average email open rate of 20% with a 7.4% click through to link rate.

  • Grew Facebook organic reach from 132 to 3,000.

  • Increased Hospitality organic reach and impressions by 6,000 in one week with no paid advertising.

  • Increased client Instagram organic reach from 100 (21 likes, 1 share) to 1,234 in 3 months, achieving 900 video views, and to 3,000 (200 likes, 22 shares) in 9 mo.

  • Grew client Instagram organic reach to 29,000 and increased client's organic reach from 15 to 200 people with one post.

  • Helped client organically grow by 567 followers in one month with only 3 coaching sessions

  • Reached 6,456 accounts 11 re-posts with single Instagram Reel for local real estate firm.

Star brings heart, goodwill, creativity, ingenuity, and focus along with her business and marketing experience.

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Joe Ciaccio

Joe began his marketing career with Schindler Tech over 15 years ago.  He specializes in email design, layout, tracking, database and list management, and client relations.  






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