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"I hate social media. 


I never know what to post.  I can't come up with ideas to post consistently.  I don't have time to worry about my social media.  I don't need to use social media for my business.  I don't really like to be out there in public.  I don't use social media myself. 


I am overwhelmed when I imagine using social media for my business."

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I have spoken to SO many business owners that feel this way. 


So here's the secret...none of these statements need to be true. 


The important point here is that your business NEEDS effective social media, otherwise you are being left behind. 


Organic digital marketing is FREE.  Why wouldn't you take advantage of it? 


  • Get to know your customer better

  • Test new ideas

  • Solicit customer feedback

  • Handle real-time customer service issues

  • Address a Public Relations crisis BEFORE it happens

  • Reach hundreds of customers directly every single day  

  • Give back to your community

  • Create a stronger emotional connection with potential customers

  • Increase the number of impressions that reach your target audience

  • Create opportunities to partner with other businesses and share the effort and cost of your marketing

I have coached people to better manage their own social mediaI also manage social media accounts for businesses that don't want to manage their own.  Both are possible. 


My social media marketing coaching has changed how people feel about social media marketing.  The accounts that I have independently executed the social media marketing for are thriving with great responses from followers.

A great place to start if you want to learn more about social media marketing is my 1 hour recorded class, "Delving Deeper into Social Media."


 "Star, your class was AMAZING!"  

Check out some of the social media accounts I've managed.

Book an introductory discovery call here:

Purchase my one-hour class, Delving Deeper into Social Media Marketing

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