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  • How does organic marketing work?  

  • What is a parallel hashtag?  

  • How do you run a joint Social Media initiative to gain followers with others?  

  • How do you level up to more followers quickly?  

  • What are some techniques to get in front of as many potential followers as possible?  

  • How can you gain local followers to become customers and connections IRL (in real life?)  

  • How do you save time by repurposing your own or others’ content?  

  • What can your Instagram insights teach you?  How do you attract more attention on Facebook? 

  • How can you make your many platforms work together? 

  • All for FREE with no paid advertising?

"Star is so knowledgeable about social media strategy and provides such great examples from her experience. Her presentation covered so many aspects of social media that I had not considered. I learned so much from her talk!"

"I'm very new to social media and Alastar provided useful information in a way that was fun and easy to understand. She provides examples from her own experiences that are interesting and relatable. It was an enjoyable and valuable experience!"

This 1-hour recorded class includes .pdf of presentation, recording of presentation, social media content planner, and social media content strategy cheat sheet.

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